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Powered Profits provide business specialized training, supports and strategies for business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to make and impact, increase revenue and grow there business to help guarantee your success. 

Be Believable-How to build a credible business.  Purchase Your Digital Copy on Amazon 

One Hour NO COST Civility Works Workshop 

Research Shows That Civility at Work Increases Revenue up to 30%

This one-hour event offers civility tools and strategies.  Understanding the causes , costs and consequences of rudeness to your business. The cost of incivility is tangible and they are measurable. Incivility is expensive and according to Chris Rosen of Sam M. Walton College of Business estimates that "workplace incivility cost an average of $14,000 per employee annually"  There is help companies that openly promote civility can increase profit up to 30%, increase employee engagement by 4x and have a 20% decrease in turnover according to research by Weber Shadwick.  

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Civility at Work

Companies who care about internal and external client service are increasing the bottom line by investing in civility training. Recent studies show that companies an earn 30% more revenue than competitors

Powered Executive  

Why do some people seem to move quickly up the corporate ladder while others with equal qualifications get left behind? Recent research out of Harvard University suggests that because our long-term success in work and in life is up to 85% dependent on our “soft skills”  Making an impact in your business interactions and start now to gain your competitive edge.

Online Training 

Unable to attend public sessions or have limited time.  The solution is online training.   Work on your own time and at your own pace, 

Industry Leaders

Learn To Be an Expert in Your Field 

33% of business fail in the first 2 years

50% of the 66% left over will fail in 5 years

Get profitable and grow your business with a program that goes beyond business development training with mastery and believably tools and tips to help guarantee your success!

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Powered By Jessica 
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