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Powered Executive Certificate Program

Do you want 30% more revenue?

Civility Training increases revenue by 30% Source: Webber & Standwick

Why do some people seem to move quickly up the corporate ladder while others with equal qualifications get left behind? Often the difference can be attributed to and social competence and professionalism. Now is the time to polish your professional image, and establish your credibility and believably and start making an impact in your business interactions.   Start Now and gain your competitive edge.

85% of your Financial Success is attributed to your people skills effective communication, thinking skills, negotiation and ability to lead. According to Harvard University & Carnegie Institute of Technology  Develop Your Human Engineering make an impact in your business interactions and start now to gain your competitive edge.

Boost your social savvy and learn to project credibility and competent through your professional image areas such as civility, corporate courtesies, social intelligence and modern manners.  Boost your business by learning to be believable and establish a character, charisma and credibility that is influential to others in a 16 hour course.  

Attendees will receive

Level 1 Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals© 

Session handout materials

Four course dining tutorial

BONUS - Additional Powered Networking Lunch Tutorial (lunch included)

    Includes Mixing Business with Pleasure Successful Networking Tutorial

Discounted pricing on Civility at Work Sessions.  

The Powered Executive Course would benefit.

  • Graduates entering the workforce 
  • Leaders, supervisors or managers who need to set an example for others 
  • Employees transitioning into leadership positions 
  • Human resources and/or workplace trainers looking for new training tools to motivate and mentor their team.

Topics include: 

  • Professional Presentation
  • Communication
  • Social IQ and Building Trust 
  • Priorities and Productivity
  • Civility
  • Credibility and Believably
  • Seven Steps to Successful Networking 
  • Selling Yourself
  • Understanding trends and influences that define modern manners in the workplace 
  • Behaviors that are respected and respected in business settings 
  • Successful networking and dinning etiquette skills that will get you noticed 
  • How to present credibility and confidence through your professional images. 
  • The nuances of effective communication considering: technology, diversity, and office politics. 

You will leave personal and professional situations being better able to:

  • Present credibility and confidence through your professional  image and how to feel confident in a variety of business settings
  • Be "etiquette-wise" and avoid social and business faux pas that can cost your reputation. 
  • The nuances of effective communication considering: technology, diversity, and office politics 
  • Behaviors that are respectful and respected in business settings 
  • Exhibit high personal standards and lead by example 
  • Navigate sticky situations related to rudeness and incivility in the workplace 
  • Feel confident in a variety of business and social setting 
  • Leverage your social savvy and be more socially competent
  • Successful networking and dining etiquette skills that will get you noticed
  • Influence and impact various business situations

Benefits Include:
IMPRESS OTHERS - Update your knowledge of modern etiquette and convey social competence 
  INFLUENCE AND IMPACT OTHERS - Learn credibility skills to help you open more opportunities 
BE A BETTER COMMUNICATOR - Increase your social radar and learn to trust your instincts when interacting with others 
SURPASS EXPECTATIONS - Assess your social strengths and consistently put your best foot forward 
GET PROMOTED - Recognize social style nuances and be a better leader as a result  
MAKE MORE MONEY - Opportunity to increase your "Salesablity" and "Profitability" and influence Impact and profit.

Powered Executive Certificate Program (16 hours)
Powered Executive One Day Intensive Workshop ( no certificate)