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What can you truly accomplish without credibility and reputation?

* 48% of CEO’S market share is attributed to reputation of the personnel of the organization
*51% of CEO's of organizations reputation is presence 
* 60% of an organization’s market value is attributable to its reputation.
* 87% positive CEO reputation includes attracting investors
* 83% positive CEO reputation creates positive media attention
* Strong CEO reputation also attracts (77%) and retains (70%) employees.
* 81% of executives report that it is important for CEOs to have a visible public profile for a company to be highly regarded.
Source: Weber Shandwick’s research

Why is Credibility Important

Credibility is the power behind your believably and reputation both personally and professionally.  Credibility is the catalyst of your influence and persuasion.  Credibility can positively or negatively impact your career or organization. Building your credibility and managing your reputation is good business. Credibility is the most significant element that you can cultivate that will make a dramatic difference to your profitability and the overall personal success and organizational success. Credibility attracts people; it makes people like you, trust you, want to be influenced by you, and want to help you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you and your organization’s credibility and reputation is unimportant or has little to no impact. Professionals and leaders must take charge of their believably, credibility and reputation. Professionals and leaders to develop influence and impact because they run the risk of other individuals determining their credibility.  


“Credibility is the new currency and wealth of all professionals and organizations.” Jessica LoRusso 

Return on Investment - Positive Outcomes on Credibility

  • Strengthens your career, and your business by increasing sales and referral business
  • Customer loyalty
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Less stress due to the reduction of time and energy in sales process.
  • Attracts customers and investors
  • More positive relationships
  • Increase opportunities
  • Directly linked to success in every aspect of your life

Professionals and leaders must sell themselves and by presenting themselves as the best and correct choice. 
The good news is that credibility skills can be learnt and developed.

Civility at Work

  • Workplace Civility Initiatives
  • Civility Training 

Research by Weber and Shadwick, showed that the benefits of civility include up to 30% more revenue than competitors and 4X increased likelihood that employees will be highly engaged.


Powered Executive
Human Engineering Development

85% of your Financial Success is attributed to your people skills effective communication, thinking skills, negotiation and ability to lead.


Reputation Management

What can you truly accomplish without credibility and a positive reputation?  

More and more people are demanding trust, integrity and believability from professionals and organizations. Clients choose with their wallets and if trust in you is a concern they will move on to your competitor. 


 Leadership and social skills programs for children, youth and teens.  Helping children and youth develop success skills to increase credibility, confidence and communication. 

Did you know that recent research coming out of Harvard University suggests that long-term success in our professional work and personal life is 85% dependent on our “soft skills”?    Teaching young people what the expected and respected behaviors are in social settings, and giving them the knowledge and skills they need to be socially competent, boosts their confidence, builds self-esteem, and helps them present themselves more positively. Our programs cover important and practical life and social skills topics for individuals to be their best selves. 

 Professional Credibility 


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