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Powered Profit provides organizations, business owners and professionals with specialized corporate training solutions.  

Civility at Work

  • Workplace Civility Initiatives
  • Civility Training 

Research by Weber and Shadwick, showed that the benefits of civility include up to 30% more revenue than competitors and 4X increased likelihood that employees will be highly engaged.


Powered Executive
Human Engineering Development

85% of your Financial Success is attributed to your people skills effective communication, thinking skills, negotiation and ability to lead.


Online Training 

Unable to attend public sessions or have limited time.  The solution is online training.   Work on your own time and at your own pace.


On the Move Leadership and Empowerment Certificate Program 

The curriculum was designed to support leadership development and offers knowledge and practical tools that promote education, character building, and collaboration.

Content includes eight modules that can be offered as stand-alone lessons or a comprehensive three day program (to include Orientation, breaks and Event Close celebration) covering information on key leadership competencies such as personal values, social competence, building trust, communication skills, respect, cultural competence, and continuous learning for young adults ages 16-25.   OPEN BROCHURE   

Public Training,
Keynotes & Events 



Marketing & Sales Supports 

Developing your business for increased sales and growth 

  • Powered Millionaire Commitment 
  • Executive Coaching 
  • Industry Leader Training

Master Certified Civility Trainer

ICTC Member

Professional Credibility & Confidence Trainer

Industry Leaders Strategist Trainer

Golden Rule Civility 
Global Initiative

Golden Rule Civility Speakers Bureau

Golden Rule Civility
Youth Leader 

Civility Ambassador

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