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Keynote Presentation Topics 
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Civility at Work 

Understanding the cost of rudeness to your organization. The cost of incivility is tangible and they are measurable. Incivility is expensive and according to Chris Rosen of Sam M. Walton College of Business estimates that "workplace incivility costs an organization an average of $100 000 annually."  Understanding the causes, costs and consequences of rudeness to your business is the first step in mitigating those costs . There is help, according to research by Weber Shadwick. companies that openly promote civility can increase profit up to 30%, increase employee engagement by 4x and have a 20% decrease in turnover. 

Objectives Include:

  • Ensure you have a clear understanding of what civility is
  • Discuss the causes, costs and consequences of incivility
  • Review why incivility is a problem in workplaces
  • Review the benefits of civility in the workplace
  • Talk about how to ensure a successful civility initiate in your workplace
  • Share some civility tools for assessing civility and for getting started

Positioning yourself as an Industry Leader in the new world of work.

Developing your believability grows you and your organization, creates a positive competitive edge, confidence, credibility, reputation and increases your profitability.


Without believably there is 100% lost opportunities. Believability is probably the most significant action that you can cultivate that will make a dramatic difference to your profitability and the overall success of your business and career as a whole. Believability attracts people to you; helps to establish likability and trust and creates more impact and influence defining you as an Industry Leader in your field.

Objectives Include:

  • Ensure you have a clear understanding of what believability is.
  • Discuss how believability makes good business sense.  
  • Review the benefits of personal and professional believability
  • Share some tools and best practices for getting started


I want to share with you a recent experience working with Jessica LoRusso, author of Be Believable, How to Build a Credible Business. Jessica was a presenter for a recent Professional Development Day held in Winnipeg this past spring. Her topic was Civility and how it impacts our day to day productivity. As a speaker Jessica is dynamic and personable, a person who engages her audience in her material. I believe we each took from that day ideas and suggestions that we can use to better interact with our clients, our friends and families as well. I learned that I can improve on my listening skills and pay attention to not only what is being said but other “cues” that people share. It turns out that developing civility at work increases staff productivity by as much as 80%. Having worked in offices with long hours and demanding deadlines, it is apparent how these things could take their toll on staff and management alike. That combined with mental health issues being a source of disability claims this presentation was timely. I would highly recommend Jessica for any public speaking events that delve into the psychology of group dynamics.


Carole Urias, B.A., CFP®

Certified Financial Planner