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OnLine Business Revenue Civility Training

Online business improvement and civility training that is done on your time and at your pace 

that is affordable compared to face to face training.

Manners TV Bundle

Learn about Dining Etiquette, Professional Presence, Business Etiquette & Telephone Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Presented by Louise Fox  Etiquette Lady

Professional Presence

Presented by Louise Fox  Etiquette Lady


Certified Courtesy Coach - Distance Certificate Program

Becoming Certified to teach children ages 4-18 Social Skills, Confidence, and Courtesy | taught by Lew Bayer

The Business of Civility

How to Build a Successful Training Business | taught by Lew Bayer

Get Published- FREE COURSE

The inside scoop on publishing - for new authors and writers. | taught by Lew Bayer

Communication - Executive Finishing School

Step by step instructions and supports for writing your book. | taught by Lew Bayer

Civility and Leadership - Executive Finishing School

There are many conditions that can significantly impact how we are perceived by others. When we are under constant stress and juggling personal and professional pressures, we sometimes default to bad habits....


Professional Presentation - Executive Finishing School

Presenting a Confident and Competent Image While Speaking in Public | taught by Lew Bayer

Social IQ and Building Trust - Executive Finishing School

Learning to Successfully Navigate the Social World | taught by Lew Bayer

Priorities and Productivity - Executive Finishing School

Achieving Optimum Personal Productivity | taught by Lew Bayer

Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals
5 Modules Executive Finishing School


Business Etiquette 

Presented by Louise Fox  Etiquette Lady

Telephone Etiquette

Presented by Louise Fox  Etiquette Lady


Online Civility at Work Certification Train-the-Trainer Course

The only certification program for civility trainers accepted worldwide and validated by the International Civility Trainers' Consortium. | taught by Lew Bayer

3 X $795.00