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What are Industry Experts Saying?

Several months ago I hired Jessica LoRusso to assist me as a “sounding board” for issues commonly occurring in my practice. While there are courses that one could take that delve into the Art of Practice Management, or courses specific to my field of expertise, I have not yet come across anything that assists women with excelling in a demanding work environment. Often as women we are so busy responding to the “Tyranny of the Urgent” that we never make time to do true Strategic Planning and Evaluation of our contributions and how to better approach conflicts in the workplace. LoRusso’s no-nonsense yet friendly style made her coaching very comforting yet effective. I felt she was more like sitting across the table from a trusted friend than someone who was tasked with improving my communication skills. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone who feels they are on the right track but need and outside critic who will help them move their practice beyond short term roadblocks.


Carole Urias, B.A., CFP®

Certified Financial Planner

Whether you are starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or well-established in your business, "Be Believable" offers tools and strategies that you energize you and re-ignite your passion for work.

Jessica offers reminders of tried and true business strategies as well as some fresh ideas for how to elevate your brand and be more profitable. In a world where authenticity is hard to come by, presenting oneself as credible and being trustworthy is critical. Ms. LoRusso's sage advise couldn't be more timely. it's encouraging to read a book by someone who truly practices what she preaches. Well done Jessica. 

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Lew Bayer - CEO Civility Experts Worldwide 

Good morning, Jessica.

You are very inspirational and also very skilled at focussing another person’s thoughts and energies. Queen of Conquering Overwhelm.  Thank you for spending time with me yesterday and helping me clarify my focus. I appreciate your straightforwardness and felt it a positive step in building our mutually respectful relationship. 

Looking forward to seeing you at 9:30am tomorrow morning at Tache!

Have a great day.


Wanda Steiner, B.A.


192 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 1Z6

Phone: 204-894-4009



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I've known Jessica LoRusso for a few years now. I have gone to many training seminars that she was involved in and hosted the training was phenomenal. She has help me build confidence within me, even given me a push that I can get out there and do a few things that I never thought I could do.

I'm so excited for her new book and very honored and blessed that she allowed me to read a few chapters and give my insight.

Jessica is dynamic and ball Z and bold and gets in your face when she's treating you she takes you by the hand and pushes you through the door until you have the tools and the confidence that you need to be the best business the best person that you can be.

I'm excited for her new book I'm excited that I could share it with my staff and the people that I work with so we can all be empowered.

Janet Lofstrom

Owner The Infinite Element