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Workplace Training

Sessions can be adapted to fit a half-day, full-day or 1 hour conference presentation format. We can customize content to address your specific needs and train at your location. For public session refer to Calendar in Upcoming Events 

Civility at Work 

Raising Your Professional Standards  
Training Solutions 14 Courses

Recent studies suggest that incivility in the workplace can significantly impact morale, customer service, productivity, and the bottom line. Increasingly, consumers as well as employees are demanding courtesy and respect.  Companies who care about internal and external client service are increasing the bottom line by investing in civility training. Recent studies show that companies an earn up to 30% more revenue than competitors and are four times more likely to have highly engaged employees and are 20% more likely to report reduced turnover.  According to Watson Wyatt Civility Survey and -Weber and Shadwick  Research 

Powered Executive 

Increase your "Salesablity" and "Profitability" 
Influence Impact and Profit. 

Why do some people seem to move quickly up the corporate ladder while others with equal qualifications get left behind? Often the difference can be attributed to and social competence and professionalism. Now is the time to establish your credibility and believably and start making an impact in your business with these five core competencies; civility and leadership, communication, presentation, performance and priorities and social intelligence.   Start Now and gain your competitive edge. 85% of your Financial Success is attributed to your people skills effective communication, thinking skills, negotiation and ability to lead. According to Harvard University & Carnegie Institute of Technology  Develop Your Human Engineering make an impact in your business interactions and start now to gain your competitive edge.


On Line Training 

Civility Experts Worldwide

Unable to attend public sessions or have limited time.  One solution is on line training.  

Industry Leader

Learn to be the new breed of entrepreneur and professionals,  

who want to create a space in the market just for themselves, who are positioning themselves as industry leaders who are dominating their industry and crushing the competition.

Sales and Marketing Accelerators

If you are in business you have to love sales & marketing to be successful.

 The Sales and Marketing Accelerator provides tools, incites and strategies to have an annual sales and marketing plan that you will use that accommodates for your needs. Business expert  will help you prioritize the tough decisions so you stay focused on your goals. We hold you accountable to creating a customized plan that’s flexible and achievable so that you can apply to your organization with immediate results.